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Cheap and fast way to clean your Makeup Brushes.

Hello – Hello!

I am glad you are back. Here it comes my second blog!

Let’s talk today about our makeup brushes.

According to the dermatologists we should wash our (personal) brushes at least once a week, to prevent bacteria buildup. The brushes we use on our clients should be cleaned after each client. Cleaning you brushes will also help you in applying your makeup better, that’s the fact.

As MUA Ashleigh Cuicci said:

“If your brushes are dirty, your application will be spotty and blending will be difficult”.

That’s right!

I would say I clean my personal brushes once a month, because I have a lot of them so each time I use the new ones, till I have none of them, that’s when I know IT IS THAT TIME of the month! aha. Don’t do it ;)

All right, let’s start.

I take a dish soap and coconut oil (the last one has so many benefits to your body and health, I will tell you about it later). There is no specific kind, whatever you have or prefer, everything works. I have Kirkland (from Costco) dish soap and “Natural Directions” organic coconut oil (I used it for food too).

Since I have so many of them to wash this time, I have a wide dish, so all of them can fit in. You can take whatever suits you.

First of all, I use one table spoon of coconut oil and 3 or 4 table spoons of dish soap.

Make sure you mix it well, till the mass is homogeneous. Usually it turns white.

That’s when you know it’s time for warm water, a little bit on a colder side.

Fill it up, just enough to submerge the bristles, nothing more.

As you see I have to put something in the middle, because the plastic box is way too wide. But I used it for my sponges. Same procedure, make sure the sponges are completely in the water.

After 20 mins, rinse brushes well with tepid water. Take a drop of dish soap (or any soap/ brush cleanser) into the palm of your hand, gently massage the bristles part in your palm (or brush cleaning glove, mat, whatever you have or are used to). If needed, do it again when you feel like they are kind of oily (that means you used too much of oil) or not clean enough. Some of my brushes what I use for foundation, cream concealers, lipsticks, gel liners or pomades need special care, like double rinse or wash.

I usually rinse large brushes alone, and the small ones I take like 3-5 together so it saves me time, instead of taking each small brush by itself, how I used to do it before.

After they all are clean, I place them on a clean towel, and wait overnight so they are completely dry. Sometimes large brushes need more time and can be damp, double check before you use them.

Tip: I roll my towel on one side and try to elevate the brushes, so the water “drips” down, and my bristles stay flawless :D

As you see I didn’t buy any expensive products, it literally takes whatever you have at home.

Thank you for being here today :* let me know if you have any questions.

Stay tuned for my youtube channel that's coming soon! Peace :)


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