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Expected Makeup Trends 2021

This past not so normal year 2020 was tough for everyone and not so exciting for the beauty industry: everything was on hold, everyone had problems with motivation (me too!) and not much creativity with all that.

It’s a very interesting question: What are we going to expect in 2021? So, here what we need to know about makeup.

First of all your face gotta look and be FRESH.

Skin care routine better be your number 1 priority, I mean it always should have been this way. What is the best start to this journey? Of course A GOOD REST, make sure we have enough of sleep and invest in your skin products, they should do the rest. If you wanna know some of my favorite skin care, see in my previous blog.

Oh, and do not forget to drink plenty of water. Water is life and can solve most of your problems, by just drinking it.

Pat McGrath created this look with minimum makeup.

Less is better - still trending.

Choosing foundation with natural, dewy finish can help you achieve this look.

The ideal will be tinted moisturizers, and if you need to cover small little areas use a concealer. To seal everything in place use a thin layer of your favorite powder. If you don't have tinted moisturizer, you can make it yourself. Yes, just try to be a chemist, all you need is your current/ favorite foundation and moisturizer (you can experiment with face oils or face primers). [1/4:1]

Let's not forget about SPF.

Also, do not do much with your eyebrows. Just let them be, no one is going to judge you because the next trend is BUSHY, NATURAL-looking EYEBROWS. I strongly believe you should groom them and keep them in place, kinda, but if you miss here and there your threading/waxing appointment, you will be trending :) Your best friend will be eyebrow gel (colored or clear its up to you).

If you are not fan of bushy-looking brows (I feel you!), you still can do what you want, you know that RIGHT? But if you struggling every time getting them perfectly lined, shaped and looking alike, beauty world wants to relieve you from the struggle and gives you an option "not to worry about the perfection". YAY!

Make sure you curl your lashes and apply few extra (than usual) coats of mascara. And here you don’t even need to stick with regular black mascara, the brighter color the better. Those blue lashes from 2000s are coming back. Not just blue, but green, purple, teal - you name it, even white! Experiment with anything you love, this year is for you!

Nude, natural makeup is getting old and no one wants her no more, apparently. Don’t come at me, it’s all the trends. If you are a person who loves to experiment with a color, enjoy it to the max! Color eyeshadows are dominating this year and the brighter your eye makeup looks- the better. SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND. You also can do colorful eyeliner, that’s trending too.

I can not forget about the lips! They are pretty important and slightly different this time. If you are a gloss person and like them super glossy add some lipliner and top it off with your favorite gloss, if you make it brownish you will be like WOW.

Chocolate brown makes come back, again from 2000s.

If you are not feeling glossy lips (like me) do no worry, you have an option: lip stains are still in and you can wear matte lipstick just like before reading this blog.

Just take a look at this perfect trending makeup look:

Natural face (blush makes it extra fresh);

Natural eyebrows (no harsh lines or too filled in);

Bright eyes, colorful eyeliner;

Softly stained lips.

Whether or not you want to stick with these trends, don’t forget to support small businesses, they would really appreciate your help during the recovery after the most economically stressful year.

Check out my instagram for the details on look I created @miracolacri

To see a quick tutorial check out my TikTok @miracolacri