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Color Wow the Best Hair Products

Achieve the luxurious, glossy, healthy hair you have always wanted!

I would like to share these amazing hair products with you guys. I have received almost the whole line few months ago and had plenty of time to use and test these products. I am currently obsessed with the all of them and have not found anything bad or like an extra product out of the whole brand. They literally have only the stuff your hair needs.

Well known COLOR WOW. Unique, winner of over 50 beauty awards (that is a lot for such a young brand) and just The Best on the beauty market.

You know, like some of the brands have over 5 different kinds of shampoo (for dry, thin, oily or normal hair etc), COLOR WOW has only one shampoo what suits for any color, kind, type of hair. What I think is really cool!

The main reason why they have only one kind is that it should leave your hair and scalp clean without depositing any ingredients (found in most shampoos) that make hair dull, clog follicles and cause hair thinning and loss. That makes sense now!

This sulfate - free shampoo LEAVES your hair CLEAN, FRESH and GLOSSY.

One shampoo for everyone! It doesn’t contain silicones or organic oils, so it’s safe if you wear extensions. Keeps your color bright and glossy. It's FREE of: conditioning agents (which can build up if not properly washed out); thickening agents (which can clog hair follicles and cause hair loss); Pearlizing agents (which can dull your color).

Let me tell you that this shampoo is everything you ever wanted. It leaves your hair truly clean and fresh. I am already on my 2nd bottle. It's not like any of the shampoos you have ever tried. You might think that clarifying kinds work like this, but NOPE, it is not the same!

2.5 oz ($10), regular 8.4 oz ($23), and big 32 oz ($70.50)

For Fine to Normal Hair


Normal to Thick Hair

Of course they made this product special and uniq, just like the rest of the line. It's formulated with NO typical conditioning ingredients that can oxidize on the hair, corrupting color and turning it brassy; Instantly smooths, detangles, hydrates and silkens color-treated hair using 8 ONLY translucent, non-color-corrupting agents .Features color-shielding Sealicon™ complex, which delivers a protective, high-gloss finish. It comes in two kinds, depending on your hair: fine to normal (a lightweight, anti-flattening formula for fine/thin color-treated hair) OR normal to thick hair (a smoothing, cuticle-sealing formula for normal, coarse or curly color-treated hair).

75 ml ($10), regular 250 ml ($24), and a huge one 1 L ($73.50).



This is the best stuff you can invest as a hair product. And, HONEY, you will love it! So that's how I was introduced to this brand with this magical spray. It is perfect if you have frizzy hair (curly, wavy, thick, thin, straight - you name it), most of my clients.

In general, I do not recommend products I don't like. This on is just WOW! no wonder they named it so.

Personally me, I have fine, thin straight and smooth hair (no frizz tho) and you know what it does to hair like mine? Dream Coat makes my hair heavy, gives weight and makes it thicker. I mean, what more could I ask?! - Actually, the shine. Oh, it's just on another level. It gives your hair major, insane and instant shine!

The only down thing I don't like about Dream Coat is that it activates with heat and you need to apply some tension while blowdrying your hair. For some of you (or even me lol) it can be difficult to do on tour own. But hey, I believe in us.

Anyways, let's continue. You need to see it to believe it humidity proofing…plus silky smooth texture, lasts through 3 washes (if you wash your hair 3 times a week, use Dream Coat once a week). All you have to do is shampoo/ condition (best results if you use Color Wow products) your hair, towel dry and spray generous amount, evenly on damp hair (not wet). Do not apply anything else. If there are products you like to use (leave ins, etc), use them in between washes. Blow dry each section and apply tension.

Before and After applying DREAM COAT

During the blowout

As you can see on the pictures you can achieve that glassy looking, smooth, frizz free hair with just using Dream Coat at home.

Have you seen that wet look Kim KW had on Met Gala 2019, that's what Chris Appleton used on her hair to achieve that look. I am telling you this product is amazing. It comes in two kinds: one for straight hair, the other is for curly hair.

6.7 fl oz $28; 16.9 fl oz $58

The price is reasonable, since it stays in your hair for 3 washes, imagine for how long the bottle can last you? Exactly! For a really long time.

All the good thing is about the products, that it's water-like and you cannot overuse it. It is not like you sprayed it "too much" and your hair will not look oily, greasy.

Color Wow Dream Cocktails

What is the best way to keep your hair healthy and protect till your next wash? Yes! By using a leave-in conditioner after each wash. Of course, Color Wow got you covered and they have 3 kinds of Color WOW Dream Cocktails for dry, fragile or thin hair.

Dream Cocktail Carb-Infused for Fine, Thin Hair

Every time you blow dry your hair with this product, you hair will look thicker and fuller. Vital, natural nutrients (like carb-intense oat bran) are activated by heat to fatten up and improve the overall quality of every strand.

I use this one on myself, and you can clearly see the difference. To be honest (shh, don't tell anyone) I do not use regular conditioner often, because my hair is super soft, straight, smooth and fine, so I don't need extra smoothing I just need extra protection, what leave-in does.

Dream Cocktail Coconut-Infused for Dry Straw Like Hair

Someone who needs hydration they will love it. Vital, natural nutrients (like coconut oil) are activated by heat to smooth, silken and improve the overall quality of every strand. I use it on clients who has dry, dull hair.

Dream Cocktail Kale-Infused for Breakage

This powerful product will make your hair 50% stronger. Kale-infused Dream Cocktail, with sulfur rich sea kale, is a leave-in treatment that turns blow drying from a hair stressing session into a serious strengthening treatment. Usually blondes or who have light colors in their hair love it. Vital, natural nutrients (like sulfur-rich sea kale) are activated by heat to fortify and improve the overall quality of every strand.

You can pair them like: Kale-Infused Dream Cocktail to strengthen hair by 50%, after layer it with Carb-Infused; or Kale-Infused first and then Coconut-Infused Dream Cocktail. Just make sure to layer them, do not mix.

The down side is, that I don't like and find it inconvenient, you have to blow dry your hair, because the ingredients are activated by heat. But don't worry, it has heat protection!

50 ml $10; 200ml $25

The MVPs of this Collection

Style on Steroids Texturizing Spray

An instant explosion of awesome sexy hair! Style on Steroids Texturizing Spray won't effect your hair color, how some of the sprays do. It is safe to use it for anyone. Make sure you use it on dry hair.

60 ml $12; 262 ml $26

Raise the Root Thicken and Lift Spray

The cure for flat hair (like mine). The good thing about Rise the Root Thicken & Lift Spray is you can use it on damp or dry hair, it will not change your hair color. Long- lasting lift, body and fullness. They say it's not sticky and stiff, but sometimes I can experience it, I am not sure why: maybe too much product, or something, idk.

2.5 oz $15; 5 oz $24

Dream Filter

It is something what everyone has to try. If you heard about clarifying shampoos, that take everything out of your hair, then you might have an idea how this one works, but much better! All you have to do is just to spray your hair with Dream Filter, brush it through to make sure everything is saturated evenly, wait for about 3 minutes. It works like a magnet and instantly removers metals, minerals that dull, darken and distort your hair color.

It does not require any heat, caps or any other messy products.

50 ml $10; 6.7 fl oz $24; r 16.9 fl oz $51

I have been using all of the products above and I just love them! I also linked everything so you can easily find everything you like. Check out my IG @MiracolaCri to see more before and after. All my clients love these products!

What is your favorite hair product you can not live without? Have you ever tried Color Wow, what do you think? Comment below.


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