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Elcie Cosmetics

I try to stay up-to-date with all the beauty trends and products. I've used a lot of different makeup brands, I definitely have some faves from each of them, but Elcie Cosmetics took special place in my heart! After using their stuff I can tell its all about pigment and glow.

Lilit Caradanian is one of few MUAs who truly inspires me. I have been following her for many years and her signature Cat Smokey Eye always amazes me. After more than 10 years being in the beauty industry and having her Lilit’s Makeup Studio, where she used to teach and share her tips and techniques with the students as well as take clients, she created “ElCie Cosmetics

In the beginning I was very curious to try her makeup out, and now, few years later I have almost all the products. Like no joke, I have never owned so many products of one brand before, I literally can do my full face using Elcie.

My first purchase was the world- famous The Velvet Sponge ($18)

Let me tell you: when you wet this sponge it becomes huge, what helps you to apply your foundation (or any other product you want to use it for), much faster. I don’t think I have seen anything like that before, especially the size. It feels super soft, does not consume a lot of product, I guess because of its texture, and it gives you that airbrush finish. The pointed tip works great to get in to small areas and create those perfect baking lines.. It’s really unique.

The Glow Enhancer ($48)

This lightweight dry oil you can use on your skin or hair. It works great as a moisturizer! Infused with: Meadowfoam oil (locks in skin’s natural moisture), Jojoba oil, Rose hip oil (helps with reducing fine lines). Tiny shimmering minerals illuminate your skin, making it glow really well.

I tried using it as a moisturizer and a night cream, and it works amazing. It evens out your skin tone, hydrates and gives that healthy glowing skin.

Pearl Radiance Primer ($38)

Super smooth with satin- like finish. The formula brightens the skin and touch of pearl boosts luminosity for a radiant glow. It helps to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. It’s oil- free, water-based primer. It is unlike some other primers, what just mattify you skin, The Pearl Radiance Primer makes your skin glow.

Benefits: oil- free, water- based, lightweight, hydrating, satin finish, prolongs makeup, boosts luminosity, gluten- free, vegan.

Micro Silque Foundation ($45)

Lightweight, buildable HD coverage, made for every skin type, leaves skin smooth and hydrated. I would say it’s medium coverage, but you can build it to full. What I love about this formula, that it is so pigmented. I think that’s why it covers good without making it too heavy on your face. It’s long lasting and water resistant as well.

Gluten- free and Vegan

There are 12 shades, mine is Vanilla.

The Hydra Enhancer ($35)

Alkaline Facial Setting Mist infused with Jasmine

Hydrating and setting spray sets makeup and refreshes the skin. The small molecules help to absorb easier into the skin and hold the makeup in place all day. For all skin types. I like the design, it doesn’t look like your typical setting spray bottle, it’s glass and reminds me of a perfume bottle, kind of boujee, and I love it!

Benefits: hydrating, refreshing, 8.5+ PH balance, prolongs makeup, anti- oxidant, anti- inflammatory, anti- bacterial.

Skin Reflector Highliters ($34)

So, there are 4 different shades of this one, mine is in Golden Haze. It suits people with tan skin tones, even though I am kind of light, but summer is coming, you know :)

Each one has 5-6 different shades, which you are supposed to mix. The formula is super soft, almost like creamy, make sure you use fan brush.

Its buttery, smooth texture delivers a sheer and luminous effect, leaving your skin looking effortless with a lit-from-within natural shine.

The Minimalist Eyeshadow Palette ($45)

It was Lilit’s first eyeshadow palette. She created 5 main shades she used for her signature makeup on her brides. Now, it’s way easier to follow her steps with the right eyeshadows. The shades are really pigment. With these basic colors you can create so much: from natural soft makeup to dramatic Smokey Eye. The browns you can also use as a bronzer:)

The best part is it suits all the skin tones.