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H E L L O and W E L C O M E everyone to my website!

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

I am so excited to have you here!

I would love to dedicate my first post to a little history of how everything has started.

I have been working on it for a while and it took me quite of time to build all this. I am also proud of myself I could create my website on my own, and I would like to thank my hubby for helping and guiding me in all technical issues I have faced. I have to admit it’s a completely new experience to me, but it was super easy to decide what design and colors i would want, since I have more artistic skills rather than playing with technologies.

Many people have been asking me what “MiracolaCri” means and why I have chosen this name. So, let me tell you a little bit of the history.

I believe, “MiracolaCri” was “born” in Spring, 2015. “Miracolo” means “miracle” from Italian, I just modified it and added –a, so it can refer to feminine (since Italian nouns and adjective can be masculine or feminine, single or plural). It might be kind of weird for some people, specially if you are not familiar with other languages. Italian is so different if you compare it to English, because Italian belongs to Romance language family (as well as French, Spanish etc.), and English is a part of Germanic language family. “Cri” is just a beginning of my name, in Italian it’s spelled “Cristina”. Here is it, super simple.

So, I used to love drawing. When I was young I had sooo many drawings, like huge albums of my imagination. I would just lay down on the floor for 3 hours and would draw whatever. In middle school all my note books would have some sketches everywhere, most of the times I would draw eyes and eyebrows. Maybe that’s why I like doing makeup, and my eyebrows are on point lol. Also, whatever happened to me when I was 16, affected my eyebrows a big time! (let me know if you wanna know WHAT).

So, when I was 11 I have ever first time done my full eye makeup. It was whatever, with golden shimmery eyeshadow and a lot of mascara. I remember gold was popin' and few years later silver took over.

At 12 I started wearing BLUE mascara (omg it was my aunt’s some Lancôme) more often to school, literally, and my bestfriend would wear black one since then. . At that time, I’d play with eyeshadow but not much. Soon I stopped it, TG.

When I was 14 silvers came in sight, and I would apply silver shimmer on my lid and darker color in the outer corner of my eye.

At 15, black liner on your waterline was popping, so I used to wear it a lot, till I was 18 maybe.

At 17 I started filling my eyebrows in with black eyeshadow and it was super light, just literally darker shade. Aftar that I used dark grey pencil, that wouldn’t make my brows look dramatic and I loved it. I had that pencil for 2 years, aha. I couldn’t find the same one so I tried brown, I used to put it super light and it would turn out redish, I had never ever done that mistake again.

At 18 I started adding brown eyeshadows, which is still my to go makeup. I think at this age I got my first ever makeup brushes set “MAC” from my mom, I was so happy, I still have them as a memory :D. That time I also got big Sephora eyeshadow palette, I still have that as well, and that is when it has actually begun.

With every single year, my makeup collection started growing, as for now every month I have something new. Oops.

With every single day, my makeup skills get better as well.

It seems like my first blog is too long, oh well, that’s what the blogs are for ;)

I hope you enjoyed it! Subscribe and stay tuned!

oh yeah, you can see some of my early makeup pic below.

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