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Lunar Calendar 2019 for Haircuts

beach waves by me

The first time I have ever heard about the Calendar when I was 16. At that time, I used to have bangs and I hated to cut them every month because I liked them pretty long but also, I had to be able to see the world around me, so my hairstylist loved seeing me that often.

Somehow, I’ve learned about Lunar Calendar and started cutting my bangs at some specific days (in my case it was to slow down the growth of the hair), guess what, I saw the results.

If you ask me if I believed in this, my answer would be – Definitely!

We all love to look beautiful, we always receive beauty services, so why don’t we get the most out of them? The Lunar Calendar for Haircut will help you to choose the best day for working on your hair.

“A woman cuts her hair when she wants to change her life” Coco Chanel

The Waxing Moon (1st - 15th lunar days) is a good period for your hair to grow well and faster. Haircut on the waxing moon helps hair to grow quickly, and this is the best time to cut the sick ends.

Haircuts during the Full Moon will help your badly treated hair to grow stronger and thicker.

The Waning Moon period (16th - 30th lunar days) is great for people who have a lot and thick hair, the haircut will slow down the hair growth and you will be able to keep the look longer.

The sign of Zodiac is a very important factor to choose the right time for haircut.

1)  The Moon in Aries – will help with hair growth but loose its health.

2) The Moon in Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo – is a good time for hair-growth. For dyeing your hair or using any other chemicals the best time is when the Moon is in Virgo.

3)  The Moon in Gemini – makes rebel hair, useful when you want to make it curly.

4) The Moon in Gemini and Libra- a good hair-growth, the hair’s health doesn’t change.

5) The Moon in Aquarius. – its okay period for haircuts, doesn’t effect heath of the hair. 6) The Moon in Cancer and Pisces  - slows the hair-growth. A good period for those who has brittle and dry hair.

7)  The Moon in Leo is favorable for hair dyeing. it doesn’t change the health of the hair. Haircut can make silky and voluminous hair.

8) The Moon in Sagittarius is unfavorable for haircuts. 9) The Moon in Scorpio - Hair can became harder and thicker. It is extremely tight moon phase for haircut because it can improve or destroy relations with your partner.

The best time for haircut is when the Full Moon is in Leo or in Virgo.

trim and blowout with round brush by me

p.s. even if you want your hair to be long you have to trim it every 3 month. Some people think if they don't cut their hair for 2 years it will be long and nice, that's completely wrong. If you have dry ends, it will just cause more breakage, because the dryness will just travel up the hair shaft.

comment below if you have any questions.


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